Friday, January 15, 2010

Women on Display!

Step right up folks! Come see the spectacle that is this species we call woman! Folks, she cleans, she has kids, she has delicate sensibilities, and she has a body that is here for your amusement! Come one, come all! See the freak show that is the woman in her natural environment –a home she can clean! No need to feed them, these little ladies love to be thin! Oh… don’t get too close though; you don’t want to disturb her dusting ritual…

Not like we need another way for male society to make us feel like we’re constantly on display for their viewing pleasure, here comes Pledge (you know, a WOMAN’S product, since it’s a cleaning product and all) putting women in a literal glass display case. There is nothing right about this commercial. Not even one little bit! How creepier can this get?! Here’s some woman, alone, “trapped” (and I use the quotations to literally quote the one commercial which noted that they have “trapped” a woman inside), with no visible way of getting out! I mean, honestly… there’s no door, no window, and we can only assume that the box is not closed off at the top. Has anyone seen the movie Seven? Where that Jesus freak serial killer traps the woman in his basement in a glass box (then fills it with water)? Yeah. So I guess just having to clean the box and its contents to “win” their freedom seems to pale in comparison to actually being kidnapped and tortured, but the concept is still there.

The other creepy thing is that it’s ALWAYS a woman in these commercials, and they NEVER get out! You literally don’t see the woman leaving the box! For all we know, these women are still “trapped” in these glass boxes with Pledge products and zero ventilation! We can only assume they may also be very very VERY high on fumes at this very moment.

As a side note, the only Pledge "woman in a glass box" commercial I found to be a little less than offensive was the one where it seems the woman has magical capabilities of walking through glass:

Unfortunately, this woman, despite her crazy walking-through-glass powers, is patronized by the ever-present voice of God male narrator.

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